Saturday, 25 April 2015

Peninsula Campaign-The Raby Patrol 1 - A VBCW; AAR, Batrep.

Legion command had received a memo from INT to start probing the Cohort's frontage. Matty Walker of 1 section had been dicked to execute the first patrol to RECCE the Wheatsheaf Inn in Raby hamlet.


Corp. Walker takes his section across country and they halt at a field boundary just before their objective.

Barney Thomas,the section scout, is tasked to lead on to the patrol towards a gate in the top right of the field.

Aeriel View

Unbeknownst to No. 1 section, a Local Defence Militia is on a weekend exercise at the hamlet, setting up a vehicle check point.

Alerted by noise the Militia's leader moves to the fence line, spys number one section and opens up with his SMG. The rounds pepper earth about Barney. Both Matty and Barney let fly with a couple of snapshots  

One takes out the Militman. 

Number one section moves to cover and goes to ground.

The Militia is sparked into joining in the fight.

Withering and accurate fire downs a second Militiaman and two volunteers flee.

Matty sends a half section left flanking to close on the remaining red, who is crouched down and whimpering.

A prisoner is taken.

Whilst two of the section check on the wounded enemy. Both are severely wounded and will take no more part in any further operations.

Barney and Blackshirt (Private) Roger Wood close on the section's objective, the Wheatsheaf Inn  which is off table.

 Matty sends a runner back to inform Lt. Adair, his platoon commander, of what has occurred.


Corp. Walker's patrol has yet to finish. He has been in contact and the patrol has been compromised, although the objective achieved. What will 'Paddy' Adair do now?


I used Some Corner of a Foreign Field rules, altered to suit d6. The game flowed quickly and easily, for skirmishes I recommend them. Sorry about the abrupt style I wanted it to be more prose but I didn't have the time. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for popping by.



  1. Nice report Bob, I'm glad you got the time to get a game in, looking forward to part two

  2. Looking good and enjoyed the report. Sounds like there will be more which is always a good thing.