Saturday, 25 April 2015

Peninsula Campaign-The Raby Patrol 1 - A VBCW; AAR, Batrep.

Legion command had received a memo from INT to start probing the Cohort's frontage. Matty Walker of 1 section had been dicked to execute the first patrol to RECCE the Wheatsheaf Inn in Raby hamlet.


Corp. Walker takes his section across country and they halt at a field boundary just before their objective.

Barney Thomas,the section scout, is tasked to lead on to the patrol towards a gate in the top right of the field.

Aeriel View

Unbeknownst to No. 1 section, a Local Defence Militia is on a weekend exercise at the hamlet, setting up a vehicle check point.

Alerted by noise the Militia's leader moves to the fence line, spys number one section and opens up with his SMG. The rounds pepper earth about Barney. Both Matty and Barney let fly with a couple of snapshots  

One takes out the Militman. 

Number one section moves to cover and goes to ground.

The Militia is sparked into joining in the fight.

Withering and accurate fire downs a second Militiaman and two volunteers flee.

Matty sends a half section left flanking to close on the remaining red, who is crouched down and whimpering.

A prisoner is taken.

Whilst two of the section check on the wounded enemy. Both are severely wounded and will take no more part in any further operations.

Barney and Blackshirt (Private) Roger Wood close on the section's objective, the Wheatsheaf Inn  which is off table.

 Matty sends a runner back to inform Lt. Adair, his platoon commander, of what has occurred.


Corp. Walker's patrol has yet to finish. He has been in contact and the patrol has been compromised, although the objective achieved. What will 'Paddy' Adair do now?


I used Some Corner of a Foreign Field rules, altered to suit d6. The game flowed quickly and easily, for skirmishes I recommend them. Sorry about the abrupt style I wanted it to be more prose but I didn't have the time. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for popping by.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cheshire 1938 - The Peninsula Campaign - A VBCW Alternate History

The Battle of the Cheshire Plain, October 1937 had ended in stalemate. The Anglican League's (AL)Chester Brigade had taken a mauling by Lord Farndon's Cheshire Division. They had fallen back into the Wirral Peninsula to re-equip and recover, with help from the Liverpool Free State (LFS).

Farndon's Division had moved into Chester and was now supported by the British Union of Fascists' (BUF), recently re-badged, 20th Legion. The former settled into patrolling the North Welch borders, retraining and recuperation, whilst the latter was sent to bottle up the AL Forces in the Wirral.

A tentative front running from Neston on the River Dee to Ellesmere Port on the River Mersey formed and a cease-fire over the Christmas period held.

2nd Cohort (Battalion); XXth Legion BUF (Northern) received the area of West Wirral as their Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR). Specifically a line running from Neston, through Hinderton to Willaston and the Divisional Boundary

The Easter period saw an increase in patrolling activity.

Welcome to the tales of: 'A' Manipolo; 'Valkyrie' Centuria; 2nd Cohort; XXth Legion BUF.

I hope that you enjoy them.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

'B' Company; The Loyal Paneer Rifles

This week's post from the muster station is a pleasing one, for me. I have finally finished my Royalist company for the 38Fest2015 game.

 For your appraisal I present 'B' Company; 1st Battalion; The Loyal Paneer Rifles. Under command of Major Richard Beresford and his 2 i/c Matthew Rosewood. Havildar Major Amarjot Singh with '1' , '2' and '3' platoons commanded by Havildars: Dal Singh, Ranveer Singh and Baljit Kaal. (if anyone out there knows Sikh naming conventions and could correct any mistakes please do tell me.) I have given each platoon a Havildar commander as opposed to any higher rank, well, 'cause I can.

All that's needed is to add their banners and they're ready for the off. So I'll be fighting the battle of Fosse Way, as requested, in May.

A very kind offer from Wayne (aka Shintokamikazie) at is winging it's way across the Irish Sea which should speed up the fight. (NB his site and you tube video on building card models is well worth a visit )

Hope it is as sunny where you are as it is here, enjoy your weekend. Rugby semi-finals for me if I'm lucky.

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, 11 April 2015

38fest2015: This Sceptred Isle: Anglican League/Socialist Plans

The lazy sods didn't get up 'til nearly lunchtime. So I managed to design the 'Red' Forces plans.

Well here they are for your consideration.

There are a couple of interesting permutations here. Once the field is laid I may have to play more then one game.

With these done and it being International TableTop Day I'm going to try and get in a quick 'Patrol' game. We'll see.

Tally Ho.


38fest2015: This Sceptred Isle: Royalist Plans

As I continue to muster my Royalist forces for this game, 'A' Company 1st Paneer Rifles, just some finishing touches required. I thought I'd have them completed today but chauffeuring the heirs after work took up too much painting time.

As I will play this scenario solo I designed three plans of action for each set of forces. Then on the day of the game I throw a d6 and apply those sets of orders.

So for this week's post I thought I'd share the Royalist set.

Now, if I get the time I may post the 'Reds' orders group. But what with Saturday chores to do and the possibility of watching The National at ones club it may not happen.

Thanks for popping by; enjoy the race, the golf, the footy, rugger or what ever your weekend holds. If you're working, keep safe.


Sunday, 5 April 2015


This week's blog writes itself. Happy Easter to you all out there.

There has been some movement on the gaming front, but that'll be the subject of another post.