Thursday, 6 February 2014

Artillery Templates, terrain markers.

In an attempt to kick start my VCBW campaign I re-read the 'Yuletide' edition of Miniature Wargames.

There was a very interesting scenario about a mini-campaign revolving around a river crossing. It is written in such a way that it is easily adapted to any period. After a little thought I shoehorned it into my concept for the 'Wirral Campaign'
I want this ready by Easter so a concerted effort to build up my forces must start now.

As a preamble, and as arty plays such a role, I wanted to get some templates up and running. So here is my concepts. 

The stuff needed.

Sealing the central hole
Although the 'World in Flames' rule set has a smaller diameter for arty. I've used CDs as they are convenient and cheap. A suitable 'saving throw' house rule for those on the edge should get over the extra coverage. 

Plasticine Sausages 

Rolled into circles.

Hot Glue to Bases

All three experiments

PVA glue wash to harden

Filler covering

Hot glue for puddling

Now leave to dry paint and base. They appear OK but not too happy with them. Let's see what happens in the future. I have some further ideas for these and others.

Catch you all soon.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014


If ever I get this project moving (which I hope to this year) I imagine doing quite a bit of FIBUA (fighting in built up areas.) Now I believe called OBUA (operations in built up areas.) My first idea for a scenario is a 'bumped' patrol at a pub. Hence this post.

I was surfing through 'YOU TUBE' the other day and I came across this:

It's a video by a character called 'DMScotty' ( OK I know it's D&D but the terrain techniques can be adapted.

This got me to thinking and I thought that interior action has always been difficult as the usual, papercraft, building interiors tend to be too cramped for figures once they are based. So came this project, Build a cardboard interior tile for your buildings and move the action there when appropriate.

The plan: The experiment was set on my backwoods cabin. I increased the dimensions by 1/3rd for the tile and away I went. (I had a write error  on my camera and didn't realise 'til now so the photo tutorial is a bit bare.)

Tools Required, minus hot glue gun and cardboard.
1. Draw outline on cardboard (c.f. video link for discussion on c.board).

2. Cut out pattern. 

These will be the walls.
 3. Glue the walls down
The beauty of cardboard cutting with scissors
 4. Unlike DM Scotty's idea I've built the walls up two layers. This has opportunity of giving the tile a slightly more realistic window element. It's hard to see in the picture but I hope that you get the idea.

The external and internal views.
 5. Undercoat, couldn't find my black tin.

6. Whilst it was drying I knocked up some doors, a bed and a stove.

7. Check it out, prior to painting.

Thanks for popping by and stay dry out there.