Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Free Offer

I got a copy of 'Went the Day Well' Rule book the other day. I quite enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to playing a game this weekend.

One of the ways I  learn rules is to design 'Quick Reference Sheets' for them (some sets are easier then others.)

Consequently, I have  a set of electronic QRS for the above. I've checked with various people and if I don't offer it for cash I don't break any copyright rules, unless someone out there knows differently.

So the offer is there for anyone out there. If you want a copy just email me. I'm sure my e-mail address is aval in my personal information page.

Take care out there, in the real world.


Terraced Housing Project

A WIP for some terraced housing.

Monday, 22 May 2017

A bit of Progress

Sadly, real life has dealt me a few bad hands of late and my gaming and modelling has taken a hit. Certainly the former.

However I have tried to make some progress. Here are my efforts.
A judicious purchase from Lidl. Only £6.00. Result!

A medical section

BUF Senior Officer, Driver and staff car

Support weapons section and FOOs

Socialist Cavalry

Police Section

A Copse

A couple of assassins with BUF transport 

There's also a company of Socialists somewhere but during the last ethnic cleansing by SWMBO they are currently AWOL.

Now all I need to do is get them all into action.

Take care out there.