Saturday, 18 April 2015

'B' Company; The Loyal Paneer Rifles

This week's post from the muster station is a pleasing one, for me. I have finally finished my Royalist company for the 38Fest2015 game.

 For your appraisal I present 'B' Company; 1st Battalion; The Loyal Paneer Rifles. Under command of Major Richard Beresford and his 2 i/c Matthew Rosewood. Havildar Major Amarjot Singh with '1' , '2' and '3' platoons commanded by Havildars: Dal Singh, Ranveer Singh and Baljit Kaal. (if anyone out there knows Sikh naming conventions and could correct any mistakes please do tell me.) I have given each platoon a Havildar commander as opposed to any higher rank, well, 'cause I can.

All that's needed is to add their banners and they're ready for the off. So I'll be fighting the battle of Fosse Way, as requested, in May.

A very kind offer from Wayne (aka Shintokamikazie) at is winging it's way across the Irish Sea which should speed up the fight. (NB his site and you tube video on building card models is well worth a visit )

Hope it is as sunny where you are as it is here, enjoy your weekend. Rugby semi-finals for me if I'm lucky.

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  1. They look cool Bob, I hope you enjoy the buildings.

  2. They look great mate! Top job on them all.

  3. cool post, great figures

  4. Cheers guys, thanks for the comments.