Saturday, 11 April 2015

38fest2015: This Sceptred Isle: Royalist Plans

As I continue to muster my Royalist forces for this game, 'A' Company 1st Paneer Rifles, just some finishing touches required. I thought I'd have them completed today but chauffeuring the heirs after work took up too much painting time.

As I will play this scenario solo I designed three plans of action for each set of forces. Then on the day of the game I throw a d6 and apply those sets of orders.

So for this week's post I thought I'd share the Royalist set.

Now, if I get the time I may post the 'Reds' orders group. But what with Saturday chores to do and the possibility of watching The National at ones club it may not happen.

Thanks for popping by; enjoy the race, the golf, the footy, rugger or what ever your weekend holds. If you're working, keep safe.



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    1. Looks good, do they have to find the Crown treasure in the farms? just wondering how that works, random rolls perhaps

    2. There will be three playing cards one for each building. Two clubs, one diamond. At the conclusion of the game I'll turn each building's card over and the one that has the diamond contains the jewels.