Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cheshire 1938 - The Peninsula Campaign - A VBCW Alternate History

The Battle of the Cheshire Plain, October 1937 had ended in stalemate. The Anglican League's (AL)Chester Brigade had taken a mauling by Lord Farndon's Cheshire Division. They had fallen back into the Wirral Peninsula to re-equip and recover, with help from the Liverpool Free State (LFS).

Farndon's Division had moved into Chester and was now supported by the British Union of Fascists' (BUF), recently re-badged, 20th Legion. The former settled into patrolling the North Welch borders, retraining and recuperation, whilst the latter was sent to bottle up the AL Forces in the Wirral.

A tentative front running from Neston on the River Dee to Ellesmere Port on the River Mersey formed and a cease-fire over the Christmas period held.

2nd Cohort (Battalion); XXth Legion BUF (Northern) received the area of West Wirral as their Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR). Specifically a line running from Neston, through Hinderton to Willaston and the Divisional Boundary

The Easter period saw an increase in patrolling activity.

Welcome to the tales of: 'A' Manipolo; 'Valkyrie' Centuria; 2nd Cohort; XXth Legion BUF.

I hope that you enjoy them.


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  1. I love all the history that has been written for avbcw, I must try to read some of the books sometime. I'm looking forward to see the batrep