Saturday, 7 March 2015

Meet the Platoon.

HQ Platoon
 This is Apple Manipolo (platoon), I Centuria Company), Xth Cohort Battalion, BUF Northern Division.

The Cohort took a bit of a hammering during the battle of the Cheshire Plain and is at two thirds strength.

Rather then work on two full sections OIC 'A' Platoon chose to have three under strength squads and hope for reinforcements at a later date.


A Typical Section (actually I Squadra)

HQ Section
Capomanipolo/Lt.  Buru 'Paddy' Adair (5/1)
Caposquadara/Sgt. Graham Edwards (4/2)
/Cpl. (Act)(LMG)
 Gerard Hall (3/2)
Camicia Nera
Scelta/L.Cpl(No.2)  Bishop White (3/2)
Camicia Nera/Pvt.
Buglar/Runner         639 Henry Taylor (2)
CN  (Runner)           Eric Parker (2)

I Squadra

The Full Manipolo
VS    Matthew Walker (4/2)
CNS  532 Barnabas Thomas (4/2)
CN     Roger Wood (3)
          Oscar Anderson (3)
          652 Garfield Taylor (3)
          Hugh Baker (3)
          Nathaniel Joiner (2)

II Squadra

VS       Terrance Mitchell (3/2)
CNS     Hayward Parker (3)
CN       941 Stephen Thomas (3)
            Harper Allen (3)
            Francis Lee (3)
           494 John Hall (2)
                                                                                          Leonard Davies (2)

III Squadra

VS            753 Jude Thomas (3/2)
A.CNS      Jake Plumber (3/1)
CN            Jason Stockton
                 Michael Page (2)
                 Shaun Mackenzie (2)
                 Malcolm Kennedy (2)

The numbers in the brackets are leadership/movement scores. I'm going to use two sets of rules Corner of a Foreign Field (altered for d6) and World Aflame. I hope background/backstory gets built up during the project.

More to follow. Thanks for popping by.


NB. Note to self take an online course in closeup model photographing.



  1. Very cool, love the uniform colours looks just like Richard the 3rd movie. never heard of Corner of a Foreign Field, must check that out

  2. Thanks Pal. E-mail me please I can't find your address in my book, mine is on my About me section. Ta.