Saturday, 28 February 2015


Well it has been over twelve months since my last post! Where does the time go?

If anyone out there reads this humble blog you may be aware of its cousin 'Plastic Zombie' and there it outlines some issues I've been having. Despite the absence of posting I haven't been totally away from VCBW.

In November I embarked on a project to write a VCBW novel. This was going to be based on a series of encounters played on the gaming table.

The Cover
The novel got started, however, I was too ambitious as I based it around the concept of a Battalion Recce in Force. Although I wrote a quarter of the 50K words (it was a sort of competition) I never got around to the gaming element. The size of the unit was too big to develop characters.

Well March sees a new chapter opening in my life I have decided to rekindle the VCBW project. The novel (?) will be centred around a BUF platoon and their exploits in a Civil War campaign situated, where I live.

I intend there to be Batreps, chats and some modeling. So there you have it. I am keen to succeed at this after dismal failings with Plastic Zombie last year.

Here goes.

Thanks for popping by.


Next Post: Meet the Platoon.


  1. Sounds good mate. Looking forward to the new rekindled effort.

    1. Cheers pal, I'm relishing the challenge.

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  2. Nice, I was missing your posts, a year, how the time flies indeed.

    1. Doesn't it just. Good win for the 1st XV at the weekend, eh!

    2. Yeh was a great game, pubs were serving till the early hours, every one was pissed lol