Saturday, 14 March 2015

On the 'blackstuff' (not Guiness! Road building).

Firstly, welcome to Stuart. Thanks for following.

I've always struggled with roads and highways on my tables. Consequently I've tried tens of ideas. This is my latest trial, which I particularly like. NB It is a lift from someone else, but I can't find it again. I think it ma be on pintrest (facebook).

Step I

Collecting supplies. A trip to the pound shop and I picked up a pack of self-adhesive floor tiles. All for you guessed it 'a pound'.

Then off to a pet shop to purchase some 'fish tank gravel'. About £5.00. There are plenty of different styles and colours. I just chose this one, there's even some muti-coloured ones for you fantasy players out there ('Follow the yellow brick road!').

Step II

Using a coupe of models I measured what width I wanted. There are two; a wide one allowing for two vehicles; a narrow one, half that size. Which were then cut to size. The nature of the tiles means that you can do it with scissors.

Step III

Pour out the gravel into a suitable container. Top Tip: Get a container big enough to fit the biggest piece. I'm still awaiting the ramifications of the Viscountess when she finds tiny black and grey pebbles in the dining room.

Step IV

Peel off the backing and immerse 'roadway' in gravel. Tip: I found that laying them 'sticky side' up and the covering the strips better then pushing the strips 'sticky side' down onto the gravel.

Step V

Apply some pressure to the newly laid surface, then shake/stroke of excess pebbles. Then viola!



Some WIP BUF cavalry on a narrow strip.

To do:

I think I'll finish them off by by coating them with a solution of PVA glue and water and or a spray of varnish.

Thanks for popping by. (Cheers to whoever out me onto this, also).



  1. Good idea, would be better with grey stones

    1. I thought that but got seduced by the contrast with the white pebbles. I'm not sure if there was grey. I can always spray paint 'em. Just coated the strips with a PVA/water mix. So far so good.

  2. Its a great Idea and looks quite effective. I think if you drybrushed them with a light grey it would blend the two colours together better.

    1. Now that's a good idea. Cheers.