Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Now when my VCBW project stalled, the projects disappeared. (My guess is that a certain lady ethnically cleansed them to parts unknown and not too gently either.) Well I found bits and pieces, so begins the recovery period.

There's the motorised section.
The support section, although I am missing two HMGs, got the crew.
A medical section.
A CIVPOL section.
A medical section.
An artillery piece that needs heavy TLC.
There's a Russian backed assault platoon and a Territorial Battalion (not shown.)

I'm going to be busy. Damn those HMGs.

Wish me luck.



  1. At least you managed to find some of them!

  2. Nice, you can do a lot of cool conversions with the old style trucks and vans, you are giving me the bug again lol

  3. Come on Shinto. Those You Tube you did were good. Get back to it!

    1. Yeh, I have started to out some money aside for some projects this summer, my printer has gone tits up, so I have to get it fixed or replaced, I have some Anti Treaty conversions ready for painting and Hat has released their early war British set I need for my Free Staters, they might work well for BUF troops.

      I also have a project in mind for conversions for free state bike troops. I will have to do a post soon lol