Tuesday, 23 June 2015

STONKING! More; lazy, cheap, easy: shelling

Well I've had a couple of days off and managed to do all sorts of bits. Why on earth I took up a full time job when I retired I will never understand! Hindsight is always 20/20.

Reacquainted myself with a good book.

Well worth the read if you haven't before. However it takes a bit of prior military knowledge and can get a bit complex and confusing at times. It's worth the read and I fancy doing a similar account for a VCBW conflict.

Did some cellar work in my club.

Celebrated the youngest heir's 12th Birthday.

And managed to make some battlefield markers for 'shot and shell.'

There are plenty of 'how to's' on the web. But here's my photos anyway.

The kit you'll need. Cotton wool balls, pipe cleaners and glue.

Half way through

Finished and undercoated in grey primer

Bit of a close up

Once they're dry, I'll tart them up with some black spray and flick some brighter reds & yellows.

Back at it tomorrow, with luck more VBCW goodness at the weekend.

 Take care out there.



  1. Nice, I will have to try my hand at that, have you seen the plastic tea lights in Deals/pound wise, you could glue on some grey hamster bedding and do some touch ups, and you have flickering burning tank or building markers, I'm gonna try to do some today

  2. They look quite cool. Nice idea.