Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lazy, cheap, easy tracks.

Well another tough week. Wanted to some gaming or some modelling and couldn't get around to it. The training job is getting less training and more battling with the management and pastoral. Why do adults pass on their problems and not take responsibility for themselves? My alternate skills as a cellar man have been in demand as my club's manager packed in expectantly leaving us in the lurch. So it's all hands to the pumps (quite literally).

Anyway to relax I thought I'd lay some roads. So here they are.

The stuff you'll need.

Sticky back floor tiles and sandpaper sheets. All from the pound shop.

Peel off the backing and stick down the sandpaper sheets.

Cut to size and shape.

I rubbed some ruts with an off cut of sandpaper but it didn't photo well.
Maybe a bit of wash would help.
  Viola, cheap, quick, lazy and I've got my modelling fix for the week.

Have a good time out there. Thanks for popping by.


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  1. Good idea, I am thinking of trying to get some roof felt to try to do some asfalt roads