Friday, 29 May 2015

'O' Group: 'B' Company 1st Paneer Rifles.

Major Richard BERESFORD finished the last of his tea, put the tin mug down and walked from his billet to the Company's Operations tent. As he entered the assembled hierarchy rose to their feet. 

"Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please be seated," he said, walking passed them.

They sat, shuffled about and settled down.

"Gentlemen. Orders." 


Since the incident at the Tower of London. The Empire’s Crown Jewels are abroad in the Nation. Although it is believed there is no direct threat to their safety, by the thieves, it is imperative that they are found and returned to their rightful place prior to anything unforeseen happening.
Intelligence has suggested that a proportion of the treasure has been secreted in one of the farm houses off the Fosse Way.

Friendly Forces: In support: No. 3 Battery RHA. Dependent on comms.
Section 3 Royal Signals.  

Enemy Forces: Intelligence is weak here. It is believed that there are local Militia operating in platoon sized units, these are of variable quality and lightly armed. However, the operation is taking place in the TAOR of 3rd Battalion Anglican league. This battalion is heavily engaged elsewhere. But there is always the potential to run into one of their patrols. These troops are well armed and motivated although poorly led.

‘B’ Company will search these premises, secure the Crown Jewels and transfer them to Divisional care.

This is a four phase operation. Phase 1: The Advance; 2 Securing of Bridge Farm; 3 Search and secure; 4 Recovery.

Phase 1:
The company will advance along the FOSSE WAY.
1 Platoon: You will move past the farm houses and set up a defensive screen on FOSSE WAY, as well as the fields to the left and right.
2 Platoon: You will follow platoon one and secure Brookfield Farm.
3 Platoon: You will follow Platoon two and secure Grange Farm.
Captain Rosewood, when you are happy that both Grange and Brookfield Farms are secured. Phase one ends. This will be signified by one long blast on a whistle.

Phase two:
Captain Rosewood: You will signify the beginning of phase two by two short blasts on your whistle.
2 & 3 Platoons: You will create a defensive screen at the fence lines of your farms.
1 Platoon: You will fall back along the Fosse Way and secure Bridge Farm. Once secure, Havildar Bal, you will inform Capt. Rosewood of the fact.
Captain Rosewood: On receipt of this message Phase two ends.

Phase three:
Captain Rosewood: You will signify the beginning of phase three by three short boasts on your whistle.
All Platoons: Will protect and search their respective farms. When the Crown Jewels are returned to rightful custody. You will inform Captain Rosewood, who will inform the remainder of the company.

Phase four:
On receipt of this information custody the company will collapse back onto point x-ray. Order of March; Platoon: 1-2-3; enbus and return to barracks.


Advance to contact: This will be by company transport. The Company will debus at point x-ray and make their way to the start line on foot. OOM 1,2,3 platoons.

Recovery: A Company runner will contact all platoons who will fall back to point x-ray for recovery.
Ammunition: As per SOP.

Feeding: Breakfast this location. Havaldar-Major, sort out haversack rations for midday meal. Return for evening meal.

Timings: 06.15 First light, reveille: 06.30 Morning meal: 07.00 Enbus: 08.15; Debus: 09.00: TPSL.


Company HQ at point X-ray.
Company and Platoon runners.
Sigs to splice into local net and attempt to connect with Arty. Location at point x-ray.



  1. Nice, I am glad you got the game in before Saturday, I did manage to paint up a test BUF mini and have some more primed and ready to paint, I also have some Stugs for armour not in period but I do like how they look.

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