Friday, 29 May 2015

38FEST2015: Set up

FINALLY! I managed to get some time, let's see if it gets finished in time!

'B' Company LPR ( have been ordered to secure three farms on the Fosse Way, in an attempt to secure the Crown Jewels. Blue.

The Anglican League (St. John's Company) are on routine a training exercise, with the area's local Socialist Militia in the same area. Red.

Bring on the fireworks!

This evening I laid my gaming table, much to the chagrin of the youngest heir who had to clear up all his Lego. Sorted out all the gaming admin. I'm playing with 'A World Aflame' rules.

As I am playing solo I drew up three strategies for each force, see previous posts. I rolled a d6 for each force in order to determine which route they would take.

And here they are.



 It looks like there'll be blood on the Fosse Way.

Roll on tomorrow!

Keep safe one and all, I hope it is dry where you are.

Thanks for popping by.


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