Sunday, 2 June 2013

Meanwhile on the Welsh/Cheshire Border

Well over the last week I built a camp for whichever unit decides to occupy it.

The buildings are from a 'print and play' Stalg Luft kit that's available for free on the web somewhere, just can't find it again.


  1. I could see these being used in a Burma type setting for some reason :D

  2. Very cool terrain, i have this set on mt PC, it has very cool watch towers. I still cant follow the blog, try this. It is a bit tricky, i was stuck a little bit, first go to layout, and click on one of the add gadget icons, a new window will come up with a list of gadgets, this is the part that got me cos the follow gadget is not in the list, in the left corner you will see more gadgets click this and scroll down, the follow gadget is the last one on the screen, now just click on the plus sign and save

  3. Very nice looking terrain!