Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The result of my ministrations.

The gang have taken it in turns to get the lurgi and it was my turn yesterday. Spent 18 hours in the sack listening to the radio ( a past time I do enjoy) and I heard a very interesting play on 'The Two Ronnies'.  So now I'm just awaiting the compulsory 24 hrs without symptoms which has given me the opportunity to catch up some on some modelling.

I tool the advice from the previous blog. I washed the figures, dried them overnight and tried another undercoat of black. Left to dry.

Today, three days later, I returned to my company and saw that the undercoat had stayed on. RESULT! The sad thing was black seems to hide the detail on these figures, grey does not. Now I know plastic isn't as forgiving as metal but compared to the like of Caesar, Airfix do come up a wee bit wanting. After examining the figures I discovered that the undercoat had sloughed off, in parts.

So with all things considered I decided to try out a 'quick wargame block painting'  technique. Part 1: A Heavy wash of burnt umber: Part 2; Paint backpack, pouches, respirator cases, puttees in Rucksac tan: Part 3; Dry brush webbing in same colour: Part 4; Finish off flesh, rifles, hair and boots: Part 5; Base and varnish.

And There You Have It.


  1. It is wise to wash your figs in warm water with some fairy liquid, if they are a hard plastic i some times give them a little rub with an old soft tooth brush, i do the same with plastic kits such as tanks.

    What kind of varnish do you use?? i cant find a good matt varnish, they all seem to shiny for me lol

    1. I use a floor wood varnish. They do come out glossy though. But I personally I'm not that bothered. Those that are though then re-varnish with a MATT spray.

  2. That sycks mate. A good scrup with an old toothbrush in warm soapy water for me.

    @Shinto I use Miniature Paints Matt Varnish its only shiny really when you take photo's in the hand they look fine.