Monday, 21 September 2015

Centuria/Cohort Support Elements

Right slow and easy. Man cave sorted. Troops reorganised and the support elements; found, prepped and ready for completion. This week? We'll see, what with the World Egg Chasing Championship on at the moment.

Armour Platoon

Dr. Holmes, his sisters, the Medical Section

Transport (ammo supply) Section

Courier/REECE platoon

Heavy Weapons Section,with FOO
There are more cyclists and heavy weapons, but they won't join the BUF. I see HaT do a WW1 British Heavy Weapons box containing mortars. Does anyone know where I could get a pack at a decent price?

I hope to get these completed by the end of the week, after which the heirs and I will be going to Wembley to watch Ireland vs Romania. Will I get my wish, I doubt it, but the sooner it's complete the sooner a game is on.


Thanks for popping by, keep safe.



  1. They look good, nice to have a man cave I have the box room,but still I don't have time to go in their lol

    1. I have a corner of the living room. There is a box room to sort, we all live in hope.

    2. What set is the male medic from, he looks cool

    3. The Doc was from the Caesar Partizan box, with a knife taken to it and some 'Green Stuff' added.