Friday, 31 July 2015

Callsign - PLAYTIME

Totally pissed off this month. My co-trainer has gone off sick leaving me with the course to finish off. The complete inability of the management team to understand what is going on, the failure to succession plan and the complete lack of resilience in the training dept. All means that I'm doing two jobs! I've put my cards in and should finish this week. However, as a result of the aforementioned my leave has been cancelled so I have to stay on for another three weeks. Hey but don't worry, the Inspector is coming back from his leave on Monday and the Sergeant goes off on leave Monday! Subsequently, my hobby time has ground to a halt. Rant over.

One thing I do like about the World Aflame rule set is the limited ammunition rule. This has added another dimension to my games. As troops need to be supplied I thought the XXth Legion needed a transport section. So I started one. (Excuse the quality, I'm having a bad time.)

A bag of assorted wheels, the remains of WW1 Airfix gun limber, some balsa and a couple of toothpicks. They need tarting up and painting. When I get time.

Callsign - PLAYTIME.
I fancy a dabble at the latest scenario . Note to self, find time!

Sorry about the rant I had to get it off my chest.

Enjoy your summer (or winter depending on where you are!)

Thanks for listening and popping by.



  1. That sucks to hear mate! Great looking transport section so far. Keep your chin up fella!

  2. Nice job Bob. Yep work is a pain