Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How it started.

Well I got bitten by the 'there's something better' bug and have been tempted by 'A Very British Civil War!'

Members of the Cheshire Division

As such my Zombie gaming has slid a bit and the 'Long Rifle' project has stalled completely.

Wirral Volunteers in Training

Now as I have no rules for this period I spent the week writing my own. 'Bolsheviks Do Not Play Cricket!' This was allot more difficult and time consuming then I thought when I embarked on it. Well I completed them today and they're an IGOUGO; HG Wells, Charles Grant, Donald Featherstone style d6 romp. I must admit I found the experience very rewarding and good escapism.

Army of Liverpool Unload a Shipment of AC's

In my defence, I do have a start as my current project is set in that time frame and I have a couple of boxes of unpainted figures, plus my civilians fit.

How long will this sideline last? I've got to, at least, play test my rules. The Six Nations starts this weekend! Will I get a zed  game in?

Tune in next week for more of Lorcan's Fickle World.

Thanks for reading. Try and keep dry.


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  1. The Liverpool pic was taken in Dublin during the civil war, the British goverment sent weapons to the free state forces who were fighting the IRA rebles. When is the game set in the 1940s or the 1920s??