Saturday 24 June 2017

The 1938 Peninsula Campaign Commences.

Cor blimey a month since I last posted! End of term led to far more marking then I was expecting.

I got my troops together, sorted them into units and prepped them for battle.

After the 'Raby Patrol'

'Valkyrie' platoon consolidated their position in Raby. The, reclassified,  XXth BUF Legion supported Valkyrie and Fort Raby (a forward operations/fire base) became established.

It was from this Fort that the peninsula campaign would develop.

Fort Raby's Compliment, 1938
(Went the Day Well Rules)

Valkyrie Platoon

Valkyrie Platoon HQ section

No. 1 Section

No. 2 Section
Artillery Support 

Cavalry Squadron

No.1 Section AT


Proper unit names and designations to follow.

However, these will be the core units for my up and coming campaign.

Take care out there and happy Armed Forces Day.



  1. Great looking force. You've amassed a good amount now. Look forward to seeing some AAR's

  2. Cheers guys. Hope combat commences this week as I'm signed off from work on Tuesday.

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